Simon S Sotelo

"The Mercy of The Tide" Book Review


The Mercy of the tide

I was honored to illustrate book reviews for Keith Rosson amazing debut novel.

"The Mercy of the Tide is at once familiar and disorientating. The familiarity comes from the setting and the suspense: something strange is afoot in a small town where anything but small characters find themselves pitted against both the numinous and earthly forces of evil and human fallibility...Highly recommended." —Matthew Hart

"The world in which the story takes place is like our own history of the 1980s, but different. Ronald Reagan is president but he’s also had an assassination attempt that was unlike the one he had in our world. Additionally, tensions with the Soviet Union seem much higher. There are some elements of fantasy that come into play, which means The Mercy of the Tide is not delineated. Rosson’s talent shows in his ability to thread four main characters in such a seamless manner into a book that includes more than one genre...God damn, if this isn’t made into a movie it’s a crying shame. –Kurt Morris


You can read the words of praise on Razorcake's website.