Simon S Sotelo



Final Logo

SOA CAH TOA is a mnemonic device used in mathematics to help us remember the correct formula to get the SINE, COSINE, and TANGENT of a triangle. 

  • Sine Over Hypotenuse.

  • Cosine Over Hypotenuse.

  • Tangent Over Adjacent.

I start with a word list of everything that is important to the client, what music means to them and what they want this enterprise to symbolize. The three visual icons that stood out to me were magic, math and how they use each other to create and understand new things. 

This logo combines mathematics, magic and their relationship to music. The symbol on the left is a sigil and you can find all the letters within SohCohToa hidden in the symbol. The font on the right are made with Jaapokki, a very recent favorite of mine, intermingled with geometric shapes in place of the vowels. 


The two symbols are connect through a matrix. Well known in mathematics a matrix is a structure where information is organized and combined to forge something new. The look and feel of the brand is blending the strict structure of mathematics and the mysticism of the stars. The influence of SOH CAH TOA rest heavily on astrology and in turn the influence the stars may have on our lives. You don't have to believe in astrology to enjoy the music but its a fun guide.


Business Card Front

Business Card Back


The trees featured throughout the branding are Oregon's state tree, the doug fir, representing where the music and community are made.