Simon S Sotelo


Lenovo MOST

Internal Reward Program


My team at The Fiction Tribe was approached by Lenovo to brand an internal incentive program, MOST, for their sales teams around the globe. As you climb up the sales ladder you ascend through different classes earning badges and a corresponding gift. In total my deliverables included:

  • Branded gift packaging

  • eBook outline of the MOST program

  • Custom character illustrations

  • Custom class icons


Class Icons


eBook Illustrations

This style was incredibly fun to produce. The word I kept in mind throughout my process was “isometric”, which meant that the silhouette of the illustration and their features were created entirely out of circle, rectangle, and triangle shapes. Check out my Dribbble page for a peak inside my illustration process.


Reward Packaging Mockups


At the end of the review cycle the client dropped a HUGE bomb on the team and asked for the production of the rewards to be made in under a month in addition to resetting the budget at $20 per unit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Since it wasn’t really an “ask”, I had to improvise and consolidate a few of the design details in order to print these boxes under budget and on time.

Rather than making a unique box tray for each reward, we adjusted the size to accommodate the both rewards and unified the design of the inner tray.

  • Rigid tray boxes

  • Outer wrap sleeve

  • Magnetic enamel badges

We are very lucky that Portland is home to a lot of amazing print vendors. In total we used three separate vendors to bring this package to life. (Not including the reward itself)


Coming Soon: Product Photos