Simon S Sotelo


LA Zine Fest

Zine: Pronounced "zeen", is derived from the word "magazine". It describes a publication that is handmade, self-published, and accessibly affordable. 

The Los Angeles Zine Fest is my baby. Myself and four friends grew tired of not having a local community of Zinesters, like other smaller cities around the world. For years we had traveled to places like Portland, Chicago, San Francisco to share our zines and make lifelong friendships with other creative artists.  We knew there were a plethora of artists making zines in Los Angeles and we were determined to connect with them. It was not an easy task but it was rewarding. 

The illustrated logo represents the convergence of two worlds, the youthful, rebellious Do-It-Yourself community, and classical art style made famous by Alphonse Mucha. By 2021, when LA ZIne Fest is celebrating its ten year anniversary I want this logo to feel as classically whimsical as an art nouveau painting. Through hard work we want the impact on the artistic community to be something that is definitive of an era. 

The resurgence of zines in main stream culture since 2011 is not a coincidence.