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BlueVolt E-Guide

How online learning can be better for your business.



What Is BlueVolt?

BlueVolt works with a very specific industry made up of gritty, hardworking tradespeople, and the companies who make their favorite tools.

BlueVolt offers a platform and guidance for these companies who manufacture tools and parts for blue collar America, and help them create online training videos so the customer has better knowledge and more familiarity with the product. This is in hopes that through word of mouth a tradesperson will recommend a tool or part because they know how to use it best. 


What Did I Do?

I began with sourcing images of people and tools that were on brand and felt real, felt tangible. After studying BlueVolt's website and style guide I designed a layout, a variety of graphs, and background images under the guidance of the art director at Babcock Jenkins.

The biggest challenge for myself was designing distinct and easily digestible graphs to carry BlueVolt's impressive stats but that also didn't feel repetitive.

Each background image was designed and treated by myself to create a uniform look and feel that carries you from beginning to end.