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BLKBX Concept Page

BLKBX Concept site

At my first creative agency, all designers were tasked with concepting a new website to showcase the large body of work and our capabilities.

Shown here is my favorite version of what could have been our website. I initially wanted to get away from the blunt representations to a "box" or square shapes. While it isn't a terrible allusion, every other designer on the team was trying to incorporate squares throughout their designs and I felt that I would stand out more if I took a stark opposition to what people would be expecting. 

A circle. A whole idea. A complete idea that is self contained, focused and pun intended, well-rounded. The images within the circle would fade in and out to show the best aspects of our most recognizable products. 

When a project is selected to view, the whole canvas shifts upwards to create a header and thumbnails are stacked below and each experience opens up to a light box. 

If the work page is selected, large and beautifully cropped key art is represented in perfect squares, because it wouldn't be right to keep them out completely.