Design & Illustration weirdo



In addition to designing & illustrating, I am a movie enthusiast & karaoke super star. I love digital compositing but traditional drawing with pen & paper is my favorite way to make my art come to life. 


I'm a curious problem solver


Design, illustration, film theory or karaoke. They are my passions that inspire me to dig deep into challenges of any size & create something from nothing. 




Selected history of employment

Design & Illustration Weirdo at The Fiction Tribe: 2017

Director of Diversity & Inclusions at AIGA Portland: 2017

Contract Designer at 3/Thirds: 2016

Contract Designer at Babcock  Jenkins : 2016

Lead Designer at CloudOne : 2015 - 2017

Designer at BLKBX Creative Group : 2013 - 2015

Co-founded & organized Los Angeles Zine Fest : 2009 - 2015

Graphic Designer at Zico Coconut Water : 2012  Freelance

BFA from Otis College of Art + Design in Design & Illustration : 2010

Born in Los Angeles: 1988