Simon S Sotelo


A Window Between Worlds

First Place Final Logo

A Window Between Worlds is a non-profit headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, whose focus is to provide artistic healing for victims of domestic abuse. In 2013, the creative agency I was working at was approached for re-branding assistance and because of the nature of their organization, we provided our services on a pro-bono basis. 

After a couple of brainstorming sessions each designer on our team created about half a dozen different concepts for this brand. The recurring themes I was repeatedly drawn to were: 

  • Shelter

  • Art

  • Healing

  • Therapy

  • Beginnings

Typography Experiments

2nd Place Logo V1

2nd Place Logo V2

The logo that was chosen was the series of handmade roofs stacked on top of each other. They symbolize shelter and the beauty of human interaction and reinforces the organization's mission statement, using art as a healing tool. The predominant colors are cooler purples, a color often used for domestic violence awareness. 

Symbol Experiments