Simon S Sotelo

Astonishing Legends

Astonishing Legends

I've been completely dependent on podcasts since 2010. My favorite podcasts are about bad movies, true crime and mytheries. Astonishing Legends is a mystery podcast that focuses on supernatural, esoteric, and cryptozoological history. 

I started with a long wordlist and focused on the words that resonated with my favorite aspects of the podcast. Word listing lead me to combining three visual icons; skull & crossbones, campfire, and headphones.  

  • Skull & Crossbones: Not every episode is about death but rather infamous tales of danger, people who vanished, unseen forces that devastate even the strongest explorers. First hand narratives of things that literally go "bump in the night".

  • Campfire: The feeling I get when I listen to Astonishing Legends is a feeling of being around a campfire being told a really really well researched ghost story. To me it represents the tone of the podcast. Not too scary, not too shocking, and not overly silly but it also doesn't feel too serious. It’s a place that is perfectly in between skeptics and believers.

  • Headphones: An obvious or not, I have a strong personal connection to headphones. I practically live in them when I'm at work, walking my dog, or taking the bus. Headphones are how I experience podcasts and they reinforce the personal connection listeners have with the audio we listen to.